• Eternal Detox 30 Bags

Eternal Detox 30 Bags

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Maintains healthy liver function ? Improve and recover liver disorder, decompose, and evacuate toxin


ngredients and Functions: The main ingredients include Hong Jin Tian extract, Silymarin, milk thistle and Coenzyme Q10.


Coenzume Q10 is a nonspecific immunity booster that can enhance immunity functions of cells. Its positive effects include enhancing respiration of cardiac muscles, 40 times of antioxidant function compared with Vitamin E, defy ageing, boost immunity system, strengthen heart functions and regulate heart rate.


Special Effects: It can protect liver, eliminate toxins, prevent evasion of hepatitis virus, enhance secretion of bile, and boost digestive system. 

It can also reduce GOT level and regain and maintain GOT and GPT within normal range.


Usage: Taken twice a day, 1-3 softgels each time. Long term use of this product will not cause any side effect.


Package: 45 Softgels/bottle


- Available in 60 capsules pack

- Made from 100% natural herbs

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