About Us

As an emerging comprehensive healthy product enterprise in the global market, the American Power Health 9 group, gathering outstanding researchers, utilizing modern herbal medicine theory and the advanced biological technology, conducting thorough research to each kind of ingredient of herbal plants, extracts each kind of active element from herbal plant that may have the preventative function to the human diseases and carefully makes each of our healthy product highly effective.

The American Power Health 9 group headquarters, are located in Los Angeles, California in the southwest of USA. The company has the knowledgeable and the skilful management team,  the modern biotechnology knowledge the high level research expert, as well as medicine medical personnel  that has the very high attainments to the modern health care medicine knowledge,  the original opinion on the cooperation of Chinese and Western medicine. Meanwhile, the company has a large sales force.

The group is in business for several years, taking beautiful Los Angeles as the center, at present expands to San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas in the US West, and to  New York in the East part of the country, to mid-west Chicago, southern places such as Huston and  Dallas all established retail network. It also developed on-line sales service, making the group company gradually to grow strong, more and more well-known.

The group pays great attention to both the production and the sales, and the continuous researches and developments to produces the new product. At present has released dozens of kind of healthy products to the markets, and the sales last for long time without going down. These products, have established stable status for the company in the healthy product profession and the competitive ability by serving customers well from all walks of life with the moderate price and reliable, effect healthy food supplements.

Our service idea: With the modern high tech knowledge and the research results, the American Power Health 9 group will take the natural biomedicine as the development direction and the goal! Our service objective:  the best quality, 100% nature, effective products, and healthy life!