Power Goutte 60 Capsules
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Power Goutte 60 Capsules
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  • Reduces Joint Inflammation*
  • Supports Uric Acid Balance*
  • Eases Gout Flare-Ups*
  • Strengthens Joint Health and Flexibility*

PowerGoutte Benefits

The PowerGoutte is specifically designed to fight painful joint inflammation that is caused by uric acid buildup. Uric acid is a key factor in gout development and the PowerGoutte has the ingredients to support the body’s natural uric acid metabolism, which helps maintain healthy uric acid levels and reduce the risk of gout flare-ups. Gout flare-ups can be incredibly painful and disruptive. The PowerGoutte can ease that pain by strengthening joint health and flexibility which can be beneficial for individuals with gout*.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 3(three) capsules once daily, preferably with a meal.


Keep out of reach from children. Store in a cool and dry location. If you take other medication, please consult with your physician.


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Customer reviews

10 reviews for Power Goutte 60 Capsules
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

Based on 10 reviews
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  1. Mikey

    I typically don’t write reviews, I honestly feel they are a waste of time and I have a busy schedule as is with both my Personal and Professional Life. I was quite skeptical at first when I looked up Gout Relief on Google and this item appeared within the search items. These pills have been a God Send, I was in such excruciating pain, my foot was hot to touch, swollen, painful like I was walking on glass. Some days I went to bed crying due to the pain I was enduring and in. It’s nice not to wake up in pain. If you have been diagnosed with gout and the medication the doctor has prescribed is not working try these. I have not changed my diet and I have started drinking more water. Other than that not much has changed as it pertains to my eating / drinking habits, I take this twice a day morning and night. I noticed a difference the 2nd day of taking these and I have not being in pain since. What do you have to loose, there is a reason this item has received high ratings. You have nothing to loose but so much to gain especially the full mobility of your feet, limbs and joints.

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  2. angela chen

    My husband suffered from gout attacks for years, the attacks kept getting worse and more frequent, despite keeping a very strict diet (no beers, no dairy/soy products, can’t eat oatmeal, very little meat or shellfish, etc…) and on all sort of medications (allopurinol, colchicine, idomethacine). He frequently had to rely on crutches to get around, and there were times he had to get down on his knees and crawl as he could not bear any pressure on his feet. The gout attacks were viciously painful, and the duration kept getting longer. We were getting desperate as well as depressed (constant pain severely and negatively affects your outlook). With nothing to lose, I ordered several different brands of gout medications. Power Health 9’s Power Goutte turned out to be most effective in eliminating the gout attacks. We waited a long time to submit this review because I want to make sure it works.

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  3. Jeff S.

    If you suffer from gout, you need this in your life. I had gout for two years before the doctor figured out what it was. By then I had become so tender, my ankles were always swollen and I still lived in constant pain. After only three days of taking PowerGoutte the swelling went down and the pain was gone.

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  4. Jatherid

    this supplement saved me when I had a severe gout attack. Now, I take it preventevly daily.

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  5. Gary

    After 4 years of using this product I have discovered that when I feel and see the signs of an impending attack, all I need do is increase my daily intake by one additional dose. This strategy works for me, for it has blunted the onset of symptoms and lets me continue with daily life.

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  6. Kei Jackson

    Works well to prevent a gout flare up.

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