Super Reishi 30 Capsules
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Super Reishi 30 Capsules
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  • Ultimate Boost To Immune System*
  • Promotes Healthy Aging and Longevity*
  • Made From Rare Premium Reishi Mushrooms*
  • Enhance Vitality and Increase Energy Levels*

SuperReishi Rare Ingredients

The SuperReishi is formulated with Ganoderma Lucidum(Lingzhi). The Lingzhi is known in China as an immortal herb. The herb very rare in China and it is used to repress tumor growth and help guard against tumor development. Another main ingredient in the SuperReishi is Cordyceps Sinensis which is a very rare traditional form of Chinese medicine. Cordyceps Sinensis, Ginseng, and Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum are known as the three major tonics of medicine in China*.

Chinese medical doctors believe that, “Cordyceps Sinensis protects the lungs, nourishes the kidneys, supplements the quintessence, and removes blood.” Chinese medicine is known to balance and regulate both the Yin and Yang. Modern science has discovered that Cordyceps Sinensis can not only regulate functions of various body organs but has direct capability in resisting illness*.

SuperReishi For Immune System Boost

The SuperReishi is used for its immune-modulating properties. It helps strengthen and support the immune system, which promotes a robust defense against environmental stressors, seasonal challenges, and improving overall well-being. The SuperReishi supports cardiovascular health by using compounds that maintain healthy blood pressure levels. It assists in balancing stress responses and supporting the body’s ability to cope with daily stressors and enhances a sense of calm and well-being*.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 3(three) capsules once daily, preferably with a meal.


Keep out of reach from children. Store in a cool and dry location. If you take other medication, please consult with your physician.


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Customer reviews

10 reviews for Super Reishi 30 Capsules
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  1. sahela swezey

    Im OBSESSED with these. I tell everyone about them and have since I first started taking them about 4 bottles ago. I truly notice a difference taking them and if you do a little research in the benefits of reishi you will have to try them too. While I take them there is a noticeable lift in mental fog and general yuckiness feeling. I feel motivated to do things I actually care about, my sleep is better, mood is better, overall I feel more like myself when I take these. I cannot recommend these enough!

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  2. ryan

    Fed up with headaches, chills, exhaustion, and mouth pain I thought I’d try Reishi/LingZhi again and found Power Health’s brand which seemed to have great quality control. Since taking it, the damn infection cleared up and stayed cleared up for 6 weeks straight! I tried cutting back, but the canker sores and other signs of infection recurring emerged again, so back to normal and it cleared up within a day. Truly truly wonderful for boosting my not so great immune system. I’m immensely grateful to the company for providing such excellent quality control.

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  3. Darren Lin

    Been taking these w/ lions mane and cordyceps and i do notice a diff in energy and overall well being!!! I will keep on taking them.

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  4. robert kirkland

    For me personally, I have felt more energetic and not as fatigued when I take my Reishi supplements daily. I do believe you need to take it on a regular basis to help your body assimilate the natural benefits of Reishi. If you skip a day or a few, your body has to start recognizing these compounds again.
    The Reishi supplements are in capsule form and I take them with warm or lukewarm water. Just like most capsules, they are a bit harder to swallow so you can also take these with your food, which might make it easier to digest.
    These claims are just from my personal experiences and are not medical advice.

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  5. lisa m

    I find these mushrooms to be excellent and would/buy again. Very good at helping with sleep issues.

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  6. zach

    My blood pressure went from 160 to around 140. I believe it was from this

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  7. riya toms

    This supplement has been a lifesaver for me! I take it at night and have fewer allergies, and seem to sleep better. The best thing has been that my acne prone skin has been clear since starting these! I have already bought three bottles.

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  8. kojo

    I’ve only taken the reishi mushroom supplement a few times but I definitely noticed much better sleep each time I took it. I don’t think it matters what time of day you take it. I’m sensitive to many things but so far, no problems with this supplement. I only take one capsule per evening instead of the recommended 2 and so far that seems enough (I weigh 122 lbs). I did a little research about precautions with taking reishi and blood thinning is something to be aware of.

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  9. Mia Sipel

    I started taking the supplements because I’ve been struggling with a lot of brain fog, and decreased energy for the last year maybe longer

    I haven’t been able to focus which has really affected my job in a negative way. I’m a technician, so I need to be able to think.

    It’s true you take these on an empty stomach and oh my goodness the energy is beautiful it doesn’t make you jittery at all, I did notice a little bit of heartburn or acid reflux but I mean, that’s nothing compared to the brain fog and no energy.
    Just overall elevated mood I believe of course this is not gonna work for everyone but it definitely worked for me. I am a 33 year old woman with kids.

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  10. kenny

    Highly recommend as a capsule. Some people like the powder in there coffee, I prefer a capsule. Sleep seems to be better. Give it a try.

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